Dream Challenge

Bringing people together to co-create solutions for large social issues

Alana Zhang
January – April 2021
My Role
Design research, concept development, UX&UI design, animation

Meet Mansa and George, participants of Dream Challenge this year!

Project Goal

Salesforce, as the sponsor of this project, asked us to redesign their annual tech event, Dreamforce, in whatever way we wanted. They wanted to see us think outside of the box as students to bring them fresh idea.

Because this is a very general brief, we did not have a clear direction to go, so we started by researching other social gatherings, including online and offline. Using a mind map, we synthesized all the insights from different events we looked at.

We also researched how is the current Dreamforce structured and Salesforce as a company. The most important discovery is that Salesforce is a value-driven company that focuses on driving social changes. However, its annual event, Dreamforce, does not highlight its dedication toward social good. Therefore, we asked ourselves...

What if Salesforce could help people co-create solutions for large social issues?

Our Solution

Our final solution is Dream Challenge, a year-long event that is divided in to three stages in order to collect and develop ideas for social innovations.

In the first phase, Ideate & Collaborate, Salesforce will announce the topic of the challenge a few months before Dreamforce takes place. People can collaborate online to generate ideas.

In the second phase, Develop & Scale, Salesforce will some of the most promising ideas. The owners of the ideas will receive monetary and training support from the company to put their idea in reality. They will work on this for 8-10 months

In the last phase, Share & Inspire, these finalists will attend next year's Dreamforce to share their stories and progress.

1. Ideate & Collaborate

To facilitate ideation and collaboration, I designed the website called Dream Map. It provides a visual way to showcase all solutions for this year's Dream Challenge. Each circle on the map represents a user's post. The larger the circle size, the more upvote it got. As time goes on, the map will grow larger and inspire more collaboration.

2. Develop & Scale

Once finalists are chosen, clusters will form on Dream Map. People who posted these proposals will be invited to Dreamforce and receive trainings and funding from Salesforce. People can still access other ideas that are not being chosen. They can also keep collaborating on all of these ideas whether they are chosen or not.

Salesforce will also provide learning options through Trailhead, its online training platform.  The trails are carefully selected to cater to the specific needs of each idea. 

On top of the Dream Map, an invitation package is also sent to every Dreamforce participants to take them along the journey of Dream Challenge. The Google cardboard inside the package will lead you to the communities of Dream Challenge finalists' location, where the ideas will be implemented.

3. Share & Inspire

After the projects are finished, these finalists will be invited to Dreamforce to share their experience and progress. Hopefully, their story will inspire the audience members in the seat to do more for the social good.

When everything wraps up, Dream Challenge participants will receive their customized Dream Challenge reports. It will showcase how the circle graph evolves and grows overtime, highlighting posts the participant created. At the end of the video, it will compile all the data on the sign. They can see the sweat and dedication they put into DreamChallenge over the past year, along with thousands other participants, all working toward the same goal. We want to bring joy and a sense of achievement to them.

We also want to celebrate the success of all participants. Using fun AR technologies and filters, participants can have various avatars dancing together.